Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Putting together group lessons


First, a reminder that next week, April 1-3, I am on vacation and am not hosting lessons.  Lessons will resume as usual on April 8th. 

We also have our first Master Classes coming up on April 12th.  The time is TBD still based on your schedules but will be 30-45 minutes long and each person will have an opportunity to sing or play something they are working on.

Group Lessons

I am in the process of putting together some group classes and would appreciate your input. 

Group lessons may include:
  • Theory Level 1 (any age)
  • Theory Level 2 (any age)
  • Beginner Guitar (7yo+)
  • Beginner Ukulele (7yo+)
  • General Music (4yo-7yo)
  • General Music  (7yo-10yo)
  • Choir  (9yo+)
I can only guess as to what people are interested in and what is convenient for your schedules.  I appreciate your feedback even if you are not interested in taking group lessons.  I also understand that even if you express interest in these lessons you may decide not to take them.  Regardless, your feedback is very valuable to me and I appreciate the time you take to help me offer well timed group lessons.

  1. If you, a family member, or a friend are interested in any of these classes, what classes are you interested in? 
  2. Are there any classes not listed you would like to see offered?
  3. Group lessons will most likely be 50 minutes long.  What day of the week and what time would fit into your schedule best?
  4. Should group lessons be offered all year long or just in summer?
  5. For guitar and ukulele, would you prefer to purchase your own instrument or pay an additional fee to rent one from me?
  6. For theory, would you prefer one lesson a week, two a week, or to come each day for one week which would finish the entire level?
In case you are wondering...
Theory will be following Alfred's Essentials of Music Theory.  It can be for a beginner or for someone in the middle of their book.  While the lesson time is done as a group, attention is given individually and each person can be at a different point. 
Guitar and Ukulele will be for people who have little to no knowledge of playing one of these instruments.  If you know a couple chords and a few notes, you will still learn a lot in these lessons and find this beginner level enjoyable.
General Music will be for any level of music knowledge.  The younger group will spend time each week exploring instruments, learning new songs, singing story books, and learning the basics of music theory.  The older group will do similar things but they will also learn to play one or more songs on the glockenspiel (what you would call a xylophone), ukulele, guitar, and piano.
Choir will be small and focus on proper technique.  We will learn a few songs in unison as well as a few with harmony.  The difficulty of the music will depend on those involved.  If enough people are interested, choir will be split into two groups based on ability to offer advanced students the opportunity of singing more challenging music.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone you think is interested!  I welcome any and all feedback!

Have a great day!

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